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Our experience and unique teaching approach will provide the necessary traction athletes need to take their game to the next level. Our team of high school student-athletes works with each trainee to help them achieve their individual athletic goals based on our years of being athletes and relentlessly being coached. We are dedicated to creating a strong community where players and athletes can interact safely. Early on, we identify what each client is capable of, set a goal to help them reach, then captivate and exceed their unknown potential while most importantly, having fun.

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My name is Daniel Kovalsky, AKA Coach K and I am a student at reedy high school, founder of dream team sports, and vice president of the reedy chess club. I have created an opportunity for high school student-athletes to give back to the community and train young aspiring players who are interested in learning or building on any sport they desire. Our mission and goal are to be able to teach sports to the youth within a strong, established community. The world of sports is full of fierce competition, and you will enjoy the best trainer in your corner. With years of experience, my coaching team and I have been through some of the best and worst coaches you'll ever find. Using our expertise, we can use our superior knowledge of the sport to help your child succeed whilst also having flat-out fun! I have worked with many athletes, including people of all skill levels. If you would like to see your kid reach their full potential but, most importantly, have fun, don't hesitate and join Dream Team Sports.


Sports Offerings 

Playing Basketball

Want to learn how to shoot hoops? Want to learn how to perfect that jump shot? Join us in a session with some of our best high school athletes and learn the game of basketball

Football Match

When that whistle blows, you better expect to see touchdowns! Learn routes from our Varsity High School players and get insights and secrets for the key to success in all positions.

Football Match

GOAL! That is the most beloved sound every soccer player would ever want to hear! Learn from Our District soccer Champs and learn the tactics and skills needed to become a goal-scoring machine. 

Beach Volleyball

Ah yes, volleyball, the sport every beach lover adores. Our Superior Volleyball team learns how to spike the ball hard and dominate the beaches.


Softball is a sport where you need grit and mental toughness. Our coaches will teach you how to build mental and physical Strength regarding softball concepts taught by your older peers.

Little League Team on Bench

Want to learn how to perfect a swing, catch pop-fly's, or work on footwork mechanics within baseball? We offer many opportunities for training and coaching within the sport.

Long-distance Run

Become the fastest. Jump the furthest. Pole vault the highest. Throw the longest. The track is where true champions are made.

Youth Wrestling

Learn how to dominate the mat, throw suplexes, and make your opponent wish they had never challenged you. With Dream Team wrestling, you will learn the basics and be able to slam anyone on the mat in no time!

Swimmer in Swimming Lane

Swimming is a skill everyone should learn either competitively or at an amateur level. From not being able to swim at all or having all four strokes down to the core. Our regional champion swim coaches can foster your child into an elite swimmer. 

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Is that all we offer? NO, with hundreds of Student-athletes across a multitude of sports, there is a coach for you!
We offer almost every sport you can imagine!! Fill out our form on the book a class page, and we will connect you with a coach!

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